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Conti Scandinavia HD3 19.5

Scandinavia HD3_19.5



Long Haul

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Severe Weather Drive:


  • Deep tread and low void design ensures long removal miles
  • Heavy siping provides numerous griping edges for excellent traction on wet roads
  • Increased footprint contact area delivers superior traction and stability
  • Open shoulder tread design for increased traction in snow
  • All season compound to deliver excellent traction in all weather conditions without sacrificing removal miles

Drive axle tire for extreme weather conditions

Scandinavia HD3_19.5

Product Range

Load Range G
Article Number 5230340000
Tread Depth 19
Max Speed 87
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 15,1
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 383,0
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 32
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 813,0
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 8,6
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 218
Loaded Section Width (IN) 9,3
Loaded Section Width (MM) 236,0
Approved Rims 6.00,6.75
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 10
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 254,0
Revs Per Mile (IN) 647
Revs Per Mile (MM) 402
Tire Weight (LB) 66
Tire Weight (KG) 30
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 3970/110
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 1800/760
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 3750/110
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 1700/760
Load Range H
Article Number 5230360000
Tread Depth 21
Max Speed 87
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 15,5
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 394,0
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 33,3
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 845,0
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 9,5
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 241
Loaded Section Width (IN) 10,4
Loaded Section Width (MM) 264,0
Approved Rims 7.50,6.75
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 11
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 279,0
Revs Per Mile (IN) 622
Revs Per Mile (MM) 386
Tire Weight (LB) 82
Tire Weight (KG) 37
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 4940/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 2240/830
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 4675/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2120/830
Load Range H
Article Number 5130160000
Tread Depth 21
Max Speed 81
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 15,8
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 401,0
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 34,7
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 881,0
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 10,3
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 262
Loaded Section Width (IN) 10,7
Loaded Section Width (MM) 272,0
Approved Rims 7.50,6.75,8.25
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 11,2
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 286,0
Revs Per Mile (IN) 608,678
Revs Per Mile (MM) 378
Tire Weight (LB) 84
Tire Weight (KG) 38
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 5510/115
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 2500/790
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 5205/115
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2360/790
Load Range H
Article Number 5230140000
Tread Depth 21
Max Speed 81
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 16,2
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 412,0
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 35,9
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 911,0
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 11,1
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 283
Loaded Section Width (IN) 11,6
Loaded Section Width (MM) 294,0
Approved Rims 8.25,7.50,9.00
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 12,5
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 318,0
Revs Per Mile (IN) 589,503
Revs Per Mile (MM) 366
Tire Weight (LB) 93
Tire Weight (KG) 42
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 6610/125
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 3000/860
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 6175/125
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2800/860