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Enjoying a journey in a recreational vehicle starts with the knowledge that you'll arrive comfortably, thanks to Continental RV tires

The maintenance of your RV should start where the vehicle meets the road — with your tires. Continental tires for RVs come in a variety of sizes and can handle both long distances and local traffic. To provide optimal comfort and handling, they're designed with low vibration qualities and traction-friendly treads. Fuel-efficient compounding and tread patterns mean that your trip doesn't have to be limited by the price you pay at the gas pump. And all of this is achieved with excellent mileage, to ensure that the investment you've made in your RV tires lasts as long as the memories of your journey.

"After years of using other products, I tried Continental RV tires on the front of my motor home. I am extremely impressed with how well these tires work on a motor home even in snow and muddy conditions. These tires would make a great improvement over current offerings on new RV chassis. I love the ride, handling and durability....

(Over a year later) I just want to say thanks again for your wonderful products. I now have over 40,000 miles on my front set of HSR1s and 20,000 on the rear HDRs on my motor home. Ride, traction, and wear are still far exceeding my expectations. Your tires for RVs are just great." — Dennis Haynes, New York

We encourage you to read and print the below Continental RV tires manual for important information regarding proper loading of your RV, inflation tables, understanding RV weights and much more. You can also use our Dealer Locator to buy Continental RV tires in your area. Enjoy the journey!

RV - Manual:  Download

Steer - All wheel positionsDrive

Optimized for highway use

  • lowest fuel consumption
  • maximum mileage
  • comfortable driving characteristics

HSL1 Coach


Hybrid HD3

For local and long-distance traffic

  • very high mileage
  • high resilience
  • reduced fuel consumption

HSR 19.5




Consumer Note: The majority of the tires listed on this page are available in sizes for Class A motorhomes. If you have a smaller recreational vehicle or cannot find the size required, please check our U.S. Passenger and Light Truck Web site for the Vanco line of tires designed for vans and RVs.