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Uvalde Proving Grounds

Uvalde Proving Grounds - UPG is home to Continental Tire R&D North America and sits on nearly 5,000 acres at the base of the Texas Hill Country in Uvalde, Texas. Located southwest of San Antonio, UPG is ideal for year round testing. Consisting of over 30 test surfaces and specialty areas UPG has a comprehensive offering available for external testing and emerging markets such ADAS and EV development in a highly secure and private location. 

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Uvalde's variety of test courses are excellent for improved tire testing, while also offering an array of test courses for the automotive industry. Tests such as automotive component testing as well as overall vehicle construction and vehicle handling can be conducted in controlled environments.

The Uvalde Proving Grounds offers a variety of courses and surfaces, including three multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art facilities:

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The Vehicle Dynamics Facility with an innovative wet handling pad, curving, twisting dry road course, and a ride evaluation course with various surfaces.

The Traction Testing Facility with both concrete and asphalt surfaces for wet testing, a dry asphalt test surface, and a lane for hydroplaning tests.

The Wet Grip Testing Facility featuring a curving serpentine wetted asphalt surface course for subjective/objective evaluations, a small 55 meter asphalt circle for lap time measurements and subjective tire behavior and a large 200 meter asphalt circle for lateral hydroplaning and lateral acceleration using a water trough measuring 20 meters in length.


In addition to these three test areas, Uvalde has an 8.5-mile main track and nine courses of test area. Public highways in the area are also used to supplement the variety of road conditions.

This extensive proving grounds facility provides Continental Tire North America, Inc. Research and Development personnel with valuable tire performance test data that helps build better tires. Testing performed on-site by automotive companies can provide extensive data on vehicle construction, handling and automotive components.