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Continental’s ContiPressureCheck® TPMS Integrates with Truck-Lite Co.’s Road Ready™ Trailer Telematics

  • Robust solution for trailer monitoring creates the industry’s first true “smart” trailer

  • ContiPressureCheck® TPMS can help reduce tire costs and improve safety

  • Integration allows fleets to see real-time tire data in the intuitive Road Ready Dashboard


FORT MILL, S.C. – March 11, 2019. Technology giant Continental, one of the largest automotive suppliers and tire manufacturers in the world, has integrated its ContiPressureCheck® tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) with the Road Ready™ trailer telematics system by Truck-Lite Co., LLC. The Road Ready system creates the industry’s first true “smart” trailer by continually monitoring and transmitting crucial data to an intuitive user interface. By using ContiPressureCheck with Road Ready trailer telematics, fleets can improve safety, reduce roadside service calls, extend tire life, reduce tire maintenance costs, and avoid CSA violations, ensuring they can safely deliver payloads on time to their destination.

Road Ready’s SmartBridge Integrator, unveiled at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting in 2018, now broadcasts data from Continental’s ContiPressureCheck® TPMS to the cloud, where it can be seen on the intuitive Road Ready user interface. This allows seamless integration of tire pressure and temperature data into the trailer telematics dashboard. Fleets can now experience full visibility into their trailer operations, including vital tire data.

“By giving fleets the ability to view real-time pressure and temperature data for all their trailer tires, the ContiPressureCheck integration with Road Ready guarantees better control of your trailer tires. That control translates into reduced tire costs and improved safety,” said Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president of commercial vehicle tires in the Americas region. “As a leading technology company, we are leveraging more than 100 years of tire manufacturing expertise and combining that with the latest digital innovations to create truly intelligent tire solutions.”

Monitoring trailer tire pressure and temperature in real-time helps fleets improve safety, reduce costs, and increase uptime in multiple ways. Identifying and resolving tire issues immediately helps protect the tire from long-term damage, ensuring maximum mileage and improved retreadability. Continental’s tire sensors can identify creeping air loss, one of the major causes of tire failure, before it would typically be noticed in a pre- or post-trip inspection, helping reduce tire-related breakdowns on the road. In addition, verifying proper tire inflation guarantees the highest possible fuel efficiency to save fuel costs. Tires are one of the top expenses for commercial fleets, and trailer tires are considered the most difficult to monitor; with ContiPressureCheck® and Road Ready, fleets can ensure maximum profitability with their Lowest Overall Driving Cost.

The ContiPressureCheck® system is designed for tire monitoring in real-time. Unlike many tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors that are wheel or valve-mounted, Continental’s sensor is mounted on the inner liner of the tire. This sensor placement protects it from theft or damage and provides a highly accurate measurement of the tire’s pressure and temperature. The system can accommodate multiple configurations for a broad range of commercial tire types, including trailers and tractors as well as buses and coaches. Fleets can add the optional in-cab display to each vehicle, allowing the driver to see the same tire pressure and temperature data as displayed in the Road Ready dashboard.

One of the largest automotive suppliers and tire manufacturers in the world, Continental develops pioneering technologies to make fleets safer, more efficient, and more connected. With innovative tire technology and digital fleet solutions, Continental optimizes tire lifecycle management to help our customers achieve their Lowest Overall Driving Cost.

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Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transport. In 2017, Continental generated sales of €44 billion and currently employs more than 243,000 people in 60 countries.

The Tire Division has 24 production and development locations worldwide. As one of the leading tire manufacturers with around 54,000 employees, the division posted sales of €11.3 billion in 2017. Continental ranks among the technology leaders in tire production and offers a broad product range for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers. Through continuous investment in R&D, Continental makes a major contribution to safe, cost-effective and ecologically efficient mobility. The Tire division’s portfolio includes services for the tire trade and for fleet applications, as well as digital management systems for commercial vehicle tires.