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Conti Rolls Out New Hybrid Drive at MATS

  • Conti Hybrid HD3 crosses long haul and regional traffic, providing excellent combination of mileage, fuel savings and traction

Louisville, Ky. March 21, 2013. A new segment in commercial truck operations, combining long haul with regional traffic, is the force behind the launch of Continental Tire the Americas, LLC’s latest drive tire. Offering the drive tire trifecta of mileage, fuel efficiency and traction, the all-new Conti Hybrid HD3 will be on display this week for the first time at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville.

Trucking fleets today require not only advanced technology, but the ability to utilize the same tire whether they are operating in line-haul or regional applications, said brand and communications manager Alex Chmiel.

“We listened when our customers told us they needed fuel efficiency when they are on the highway, and the durability and extended mileage when they’re on regional roads. But it’s impossible to think that they can constantly change their tires, even when routes may switch from short to long hauls on a weekly or even daily basis. Our new Conti Hybrid HD3 addresses the needs of this evolving segment in order to provide the best of both worlds from one all-new truck tire,” Chmiel explained.

Advances in Continental engineering have combined to create a tire with exceptional mileage. The Conti Hybrid HD3 is now Continental’s widest dual drive tire, at 248 mm, with 27/32nds tread depth in a new regenerating pattern that is cut in three dimensions, said director of truck tire technologies Libor Heger. The combination of these characteristics and a large tread volume allows for long tread life, as well as a larger footprint that provides excellent traction when operated on highways.

The traction requirements for regional traffic, which often include changing weather conditions and curved roads, have also been addressed via the Conti Hybrid HD3’s tread geometry to provide grip throughout the life of the product, Heger said.

“The three-dimensional lateral sipes and a directional tread pattern provide more gripping edges on the road surface than a traditional drive tire. These sipes also support the tread blocks against forces from the drivetrain, retarder and wheel brake system to achieve the best possible traction and braking force transfer. An open shoulder also gives ideal grip and directional control for this application,” he said.

When operated in long haul conditions, the new Conti Hybrid HD3 reduces fuel consumption versus Continental’s traditional regional and mileage drive tires, Heger said. With advanced tread cap compounding, a self-stabilizing rib-block pattern, and minimized tread deformation from a stiff shoulder, drivers can expect more than 10 percent improvement in rolling resistance against Continental’s HDR2 and HDL2 DL.

Continental’s advanced ContiGOODSCasing features are also included for maximum retreadability, including a premium belt package, flatter contour and a more supportive bead package, Heger said.

“We are excited to display the all-new Conti Hybrid HD3 at our booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show, since we designed and produced it in North America, for North American fleets. It’s the first of our new Hybrid line for this market, and we look forward to showing our fleet customers what it can do to help lower their overall driving costs,” Chmiel said.

The Conti Hybrid HD3 will be available from Continental dealers in April 2013, in sizes 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5 and 11R24.5. The tire will be available as a ContiTread retread product in late 2013. Both the new tire and ContiTread product will be submitted to the U.S. EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership technology program for verification.

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