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"Continental is My Competitive Edge."

Jeannine's Story


For almost 80 years, Y Tire has offered new and retreaded truck tires, as well as 24-hour emergency road service and OTR tire service in the southern California counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura. Owner Jeannine Layman says she practically grew up in its 35,000 square-foot facility in Los Angeles, where her grandfather expanded his business in 1955 and she began working for her father in high school.

But a few years ago, Jeannine faced a choice that could have determined the fate of Y Tire and its employees, many who have worked there for years and are just like her family. “We've never been afraid to do things a little differently. For many years we offered a mold-cure product when the rest of the market used pre-cure. Our customers trusted our product and our quality. But when California first implemented the CARB legislation and SmartWay, the products of our prior supplier were no longer supported. We needed an alternative —something that would give us a competitive edge in the market, and that we could confidently offer to our existing long-term customers.” To change her business for the better, Jeannine decided to convert Y Tire to a ContiTread retread facility. And she’s never looked back.

Technical support, field sales support, quality and retreads that match the new Continental truck tires were what led Jeannine to Continental and ContiTread retreading. “Quality has been our hallmark at Y Tire for more than 60 years. All of our technicians are certified by the Tire Industry Association, and we also expect nothing less than high performance from the tires we offer. When we found out that the ContiTreads are engineered with the same compounds and tread designs as the new Continental tires, plus they have also been verified by SmartWay, we knew we had a retread product that matched our way of doing business,” Jeannine said.

But as the Y Tire team started to work hand in hand with Continental, Jeannine says she discovered that the manufacturer wanted more than just another customer. They wanted her to truly succeed. “When we began speaking to Continental at the beginning of this year, it was immediately apparent that they didn't just want to sell us tires, they wanted to partner with us and support our growth, just like we do with our own customers. Not only did they help us through the equipment change, they trained our whole team,” she explains.

Continental’s philosophy of being a true partner for its customers has paid off for Y Tire, Jeannine says. Today, she’s busier than ever, production has nearly tripled and she’s getting more fleet business than ever before.

And what do her customers think about the ContiTreads?

“Our customers have less flats, less downtime, and less hassle. The Continental flat tread is the exact same compound as a new tire, so we and our customers know exactly how it will wear. Not only that but it allows us to match the original tread patterns exactly too, so it’s of great help to fleet managers. Our customers love the new product, and we've been getting a lot of referrals too,” Jeannine says.

It’s a winning combination, with the competitive edge from Continental.

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