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Delivering Your Lowest Overall Driving Cost. One of the largest automotive suppliers and tire manufacturers in the world, Continental develops pioneering technologies to make your trucks safer, more efficient and intelligent. With innovative tire technology and digital fleet solutions, Continental optimizes your tire lifecycle management.

This fall, Continental will be showcasing our latest solutions in a city near you. Do you want to reduce tire-related breakdowns? Would you like an affordable solution to see tire pressure data for your entire fleet in a single web portal? ContiConnect™ Digital Tire Monitoring can help you end manual pressure checks, for good. See a live demonstration:


September 25-28NACV Show
October 2Atlanta, GA
October 3Greensboro, NC
October 5Elizabeth, NJ
October 16Detroit, MI
October 17Columbus, OH
October 18Cincinnati, OH
October 19Indianapolis, IN
October 20Chicago, IL
October 23St. Louis, MO
October 25Kansas City, MO
October 27Denver, CO
October 30Salt Lake City, UT
November 1Stockton, CA
November 3Phoenix, AZ
November 16 Mulberry, FL




Our amazing tour truck is used to show the complete portfolio of truck tires and ContiLifeCycle™ retreads as well as other Continental offerings such as ContiPressureCheck, emergency roadside service programs and tire information.

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Tour Truck

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