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Conti360° Fleet Services

Conti360° Fleet Services™


The Conti360° fleet service web portal is the one stop business solution for National Accounts.


Business solutions with a single point access to view Continental Tire service programs anytime anywhere. This service is available to EVERYONE in the fleet!

Conti360° Fleet Services™ Screen

Access the following tools with one click:


Engage360 is a user-friendly program that’s based around a virtual training center, with separate “rooms” for each brand. In turn, each brand includes individual modules that cover specific products, tire basics, and an overview of Continental Tire North America.


ContiPressureCheck™ advanced tire pressure monitoring system specifically designed for commercial vehicles. The system constantly monitors the pressure and temperature of each tire on the vehicle in order to provide real-time, on-demand tire status information and to warn the driver of tire-related problems before they become a critical concern.


If your fleet participates in Continental’s TrukFix program, you will be able to generate a detailed report of breakdowns in real time.ContiTrack2 is an inspection of your fleet performed by a Continental Truck Tire salesman. A copy of the reports given to you by your salesman will be available for review and printing. Along with this feature you can run a sales history report and a service history report. 4th Quarter users will be able to manage Continental retreads.


You can easily print or save your Continental Tire invoices and credits, in a pdf format. You also have the ability to download an excel version of the list of all invoices and credits in a date range. Financial Statements are accessible for printing or saving, and you have the option of viewing your last month’s statement or a real time statement.