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Continental’s worldwide, cutting edge life cycle solution. A tailor-made program that lowers cost and prolongs the life of a tire.


ContiLifeCycle™ prolongs the life of your tires, thereby significantly lowering your tire costs.

When you purchase a retreaded tire, you not only lighten your tire budget but also help to protect the environment. Reusing the casing saves energy and raw materials. Multiple use of the casing also reduces the number of old tires in circulation.

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New Continental Tires

New Continental Tires – Built for more than just one life

Not all roads are equal and the same goes for transport. Knowing this, we have developed Continental truck tires that suit the unique conditions of your transport activities. That means they unleash their full potential to increase the overall economy of your vehicles.

The Continental casing is what makes our tires so economical. Built with optimized and perfectly matched reinforcements and mixture components and a contour that best suits the application, the Continental casing achieves outstanding structural durability. Durability that pays off.

The Continental casing is therefore a worthy investment because it serves as a valuable raw material for retreading. By reusing the casing, you protect not only the world’s resources, but also conserve your own budget.



ContiTread is the Continental premium tread for cold retreading.

This tread is produced exclusively with Continental mixtures and profiles. By choosing this method, you give your tire a new profile, prolong its life and thereby reduce your total tire costs.

The best results are achieved when high-tech and high quality Continental casings are used in retreading. ContiTread can, however, be applied to other makes of casing.

The method that is used for our tire retreading is cold retreading. Only carefully selected and properly inspected casings are used in this method.


Cold retreading

Using the cold retreading method, a patterned and prevulcanized tread is applied to the buffed casing. This tread is placed, under constant tension, together with an unvulcanized bonding ply onto the buffed casing; pretensioning ensures already prior to vulcanization that the tread adapts optimally to the tire contour and guarantees that the parts are effectively bonded together while the tire is in the autoclave (curing chamber). Then the prepared tire is “packed” into a curing tube (envelope) and cured under pressure in the autoclave.

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The ContiLifeCycle Story

Part One: The Decision

In 2009, Continental was putting the key elements in place for a huge new idea. As the market for new truck tires was dropping significantly, and fleet managers throughout the Americas were desperately looking for ways to keep operating despite less freight and higher fuel prices, Continental’s vice president of commercial vehicle tires in the Americas, Paul Williams, was thinking bigger.

With no apologies, Williams was looking to out-maneuver other major tire manufacturers and do something they had never tried before. To take the leap and start a retread business across two continents was something people in the tire industry were calling crazy when they caught wind of it. Looking toward the company’s future, and with only a year at the helm of the business, Williams did it anyway.

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Part Two: The Partnership

The story of how Continental was entering the NAFTA retread market was suddenly front page news in late April 2009. The Commercial Vehicle Tire division had a solution for starting a footprint into truck tire retreading – using the same premium technology and quality that customers expected from Continental new tires.


Marangoni Tread Sp.A, a global provider of tire retreading systems and the Italian parent company of Marangoni Tread North America, entered into a cooperative agreement with Continental to produce ContiTread that would be available only to a select group of Marangoni dealers in the U.S. The products would use Marangoni’s Ringtread technology, a retread in the form of a ring that is cured in a centripetal press that had no tread splice.


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Part Three: Mexico

John Barnes had been spending a lot of time looking at blueprints. The former U.S. Navy nuclear power engineer, who had managed passenger and light truck plants for both Bridgestone and Continental, was getting back to his roots. As the business development manager for Continental’s commercial vehicle tires, he had at the time the most non-traditional task list for someone of that position in the entire Continental AG corporation.

In summer 2009, John was tasked with creating the complete plan of attack to enter the Mexican retread market in partnership with the strong Continental dealer network. John set about putting the plans in motion to hit the mark – securing the necessary retreading equipment and supplies to open multiple shops; refurbishing any and all of the equipment that needed it to Conti standards; and studying existing retread shops to come up with the most efficient workflow layout.

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Part Four: The Andean Region

Is success really ever good enough? It depends on how you look at it – and in the eyes of Paul Williams, Continental Tire the Americas’ vice president of truck tires, the best wasn’t good enough when it came to Latin America.

As Williams saw it, a competitive position in the Latin American region isn’t terribly competitive without the six countries of the Andean region: Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador. So when Continental acquired a majority share of Compania Ecuatoriana del Caucho S.A. (ERCO) in July 2009, it was a natural location for the next effort to expand Conti’s retreading activities, the ContiLifeCycle.

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Part Five: Leaders

By fall 2010, the ContiLifeCycle had become too big to ignore. And it was too big for multiple people with multiple other business units to manage adequately on just a part time basis. At least that was the mindset of Continental’s vice president of commercial vehicle tires in the Americas, Paul Williams. The decision had been made by Continental management to turn what was once a small operation to bring retreading to the Americas into its own, full-fledged operation with business unit status and a dedicated staff. What they needed, Williams knew, was the right leader.

An Unlikely Journey

There couldn’t have been a much more unlikely career path to the world of tire lifecycles than one that started on board on the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. In 1992, John Barnes had finished a career in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear engineer, leading a workgroup of 16 reactor operators on the USS Enterprise, and then managing the training program for 220 nuclear plant operators and engineers at an atomic power laboratory in New York. It seemed unlikely then that his career would take him out of the power industry and into tire manufacturing, but it did.


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Part Six: Production

Supply chain – the hidden backbone of any manufacturing operation, and a crucial step toward achieving success in any sales environment. As the former vice president of purchasing and supply chain for Continental Tire the Americas, Paul Williams – now the executive vice president of truck tires – had a better idea than most people of how vital it was to secure supply for the new ContiLifeCycle retreading business unit. From a purchasing standpoint, he knew that Continental’s retreading activities could even be in jeopardy if supplies weren’t secured.

Supply had recently become a bit of an issue in the truck tire world. An insane market for natural rubber had been wreaking havoc on the tire world since prices started rising sharply in mid-2008. By the time Williams was ready to bring ContiLifeCycle to the forefront of the truck tire world in late 2010, the industry was looking at prices of more than $5.33/kg. Lengthy droughts, followed by too much rain, had upset the delicate growing season in Malaysia and Thailand, resulting in production dropping more than 6 percent that year. But demand, too, was rising heavily. As original equipment orders – especially for trailer tires – had rebounded more than 8 percent, Williams knew it was going to be difficult to convince anyone to supply his ContiLifeCycle businesses much longer.


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Part Seven: A Vision

2011 continues the momentum for Continental CVT. A new branding strategy is underway, segmenting Continental truck tires into three distinct product groups: Goods, People and Construction. The wildly successful “Untamed Innovation Tour” mobile exhibit has been completely revamped and is ready to continue building the brand in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Continental is planning the largest launch event for truck tire products since the Magnificent 7 debuted in 2003. And internally, CVT is committed to building our field sales teams into the most technically advanced group in the industry. 


It makes sense then, given all of the ground-breaking decisions made, and the bold actions that Paul Williams and his team have taken so far with the emerging retread business, the future envisioned for the ContiLifeCycle is no less aggressive. Williams, executive vice president of truck tires for Continental – the Americas, has a plan that starts immediately. And it involves delivering on the brand promise of offering the lowest overall driving cost to the fleets.


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