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Digital Fleet Inspection Tool

Inspection Tool


ContiTrack2 was created to help fleets reduce tire related costs.


ContiTrack2 serves as an indispensible value added service for our customers by focusing on reducing tire consumption, reducing fuel consumption, and reducing road calls.

How can we do this? The data collected with the digital tool is highly consistent and accurate. Tread depths, air pressure, mismatched tires and irregular wear can be analyzes. This data can then be formatted easily into reports and presented to your fleets to ultimately show how they can save money and improve maintenance levels.

Tire Inspection Tool

Tire Analysis

  • Tread Depths- Analyzes tread depth situation, flagging tires that are within warning range
  • Air Pressures- Analyzes and classifies the current air pressure situation, Calculates $ loss
  • Mismatched Tires & Irregular wear conditions- Identifies, calculates $ loss and provides solution mapping report
  • Scrap Tire Analysis- Tires are categorized by condition and lost tread $ is calculated 


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Types of Available Reports

  • Inspection Summary
  • Tires Summary
  • Tread Depth Summary
  • Air Pressure Summary
  • Matching Summary 
  • Potential Losses Summary
  • Investment per Vehicle
  • Customizable Reports
  • Tire Matching Projection
  • Scrap Tire Report
  • Tires Inspected per Vehicle
  • Exception List
  • Inspection Records Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Quickshot Tire List Report (2)