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Fight Rising Diesel Prices

with Intelligent Fuel-Saving Solutions

The Ideal Solution to Deliver Your
Lowest Overall Driving Cost.

With innovative tire technology and digital fleet solutionsContinental optimizes tire management. Fuel-efficient tires can help save thousands of miles worth of gas over the tire lifecycle.  Our fuel efficiency solutions are designed to provide the lowest fuel consumption, maximum mileage consumption and most importantly save our customers money.


Diesel Prices

on the Rise

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  • Rising trend since November 2020
  • New high of $3.07
  • Eclipses prices from same time last year
  • Continental offers solutions to help fleets reduce fuel costs
150 years fuel

150 Years of Delivering Tire Solutions

Fight rising diesel prices with Continental know-how:

  • Solutions across the full tire lifecycle
  • Decades of engineering experience
  • Global R&D resources for innovation
  • Automotive heritage: we know how tires impact fuel efficiency, better than anyone

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Continental: First Place in Fuel Efficiency

Conti Fuel

21st Energotest campaign, September 5–14, 2018. The fuel efficiency test procedure was based on TMC Fuel Consumption Test Procedure – Type III, RP 1103A. Each tire brand was tested on three identical vehicles, by switching tires from one test vehicle to another between tests, to clearly identify their impact on the fuel consumption.

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Long Haul | Continental Fuel Efficient Tires

Conti EcoPlus HS3 22.5
  • Ultra low rolling resistance
  • 27% more mileage than Conti EcoPlus HS3 predecessor
  • 10% improvement in decoupler durability

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  • Advanced tread compounding for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Proven pattern delivers excellent wear and long removal mileage
  • Innovative groove geometry minimizes stone retention

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  • Ultra low rolling resistant trailer tire
  • Outstanding fuel efficiency
  • Advanced tread compound and optimized tread design provide exceptional mileage
  • Improved sidewall construction for defense against curbing, cuts and abrasions

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Long Haul | ContiTread Fuel Efficient Retreads

HDL Eco Plus

hdl ep tread

Advanced, fuel-efficient compound provides long original mileage and rolling resistance.

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Conti HDL 3 LTL

Retread HDL 3

Maximum fuel efficiency and high removal miles from advanced tread compounding.

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ContiTread Eco Plus HT3 (Trailer)

CEPHT3 Tread

Fuel Saving Edge technology available in 245mm tread width for maximum fuel efficiency.

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ContiTread HDL2 DL Eco Plus (Drive)

hdl2 dl tread

Advanced, fuel-efficient compound provides long original mileage and rolling resistance.

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ContiTread HDL2 Eco Plus (Drive)


Super single drive tire with advanced compounding for low rolling resistance and high mileage.

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ContiTread HTL1 (Trailer)

HTL1 Tread

Optimized compound for regional and long hauling delivers high mileage.

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Regional | Continental Fuel Efficient Tires

Conti HSL 3 Image
  • Fuel efficient, super regional steer tire
  • Advanced tread compounding delivers long removal mileage
    and low rolling resistance
  • Fuel Saving Edge technology designed to increase fuel efficiency and application flexibility

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Conti EcoPlus HS3 22.5
  • Advanced tread compounding provides this Eco Plus version with 20% less rolling resistance than the HDR2
  • Open shoulder design for excellent wet/dry traction
  • Tread compounds designed for long life on highway and regional roads

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  • Superior performance in spread-axle trailer application vs. HSR2
  • Advanced tread compound to achieve performance in high scrub application and still maintain low rolling resistance
  • Patented groove technology for minimal stone retention
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Regional | ContiTread Fuel Efficient Retreads

ContiTread HDR2 Eco Plus (Drive)

HDR2 EP Tread

Advanced, fuel-efficient compound provides long original mileage and rolling resistance.

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ContiTread HDR1 Eco Plus (Drive)

hdr1 tread

Advanced, fuel-efficient compound provides long original mileage and rolling resistance.

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Improve Fuel

Improve Fuel Efficiency with Low Rolling Resistance Tires

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Sustainability Solutions

Green Initiatives



Many Continental tires are SmartWay Verified. SmartWay is an EPA program that reduces transportation-related emissions.

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Conti 3G Casing

3G Casing

Can your tire casing really help you save fuel? Yes, if it is designed to minimize rolling resistance. Our casing is structured with stiff belt cord angles and increased tread volumes to better support the tire’s given load range.

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Fuel Efficiency

Lowest Overall Driving Cost


A Continental Truck Tire features the perfect balance of all properties, meaning that it is not only exceptionally safe, but is also as efficient as possible when on the move – this is the only way to achieve the lowest overall driving costs.

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ContiTread™ Premium Retreads

Retread Image

ContiTread™ pre-cured treads are produced exclusively with Continental mixtures and profiles. As part of the ContiLifeCycle approach, our customers are able to cap their worn out tires with a new tread, prolonging the life of their tires and thereby reducing total tire costs.

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