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Emergency Road Service Program

TrukFix Overview


Continental's Emergency Road Service program for National Accounts.


Now integrating everything you depend on in emergency services with better service than ever before. TRUKFIX by Continental is simply the better choice for tires, light mechanical, and towing services.

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Road Service Program

A Single Number to Call

One call to our emergency hotline, 877-TRUKFIX,triggers our North American network of service providers who stock Continental and General truck tire products.

Anytime Availability

Service for tires, light mechanical, towing, and related emergency repairs is available 24 hours, 7 days a week in the U.S. and Canada. No question. Just call the hotline with your current or desired location of service and we take it from there. You can either request full service or simply get help locating your nearest dealer. Or use our mobile application to reach us with just a tap of your screen.

Quick, Professional Help With Unparalleled Service

TRUKFIX partners with one of the leading call centers in the industry. We verify each point of service to ensure they have our tire products stocked and can provide the repairs you need on an emergency basis. Our professionally-trained dispatchers stay in constant contact until the vehicle is back on the road. We provide better updating and better communication throughout the process than ever before! Every call is monitored, and a final follow-up call is made the next day to ensure the repairs are satisfactory.

Automatic Enrollment, No Membership Fees

TRUKFIX is a free service for qualified national accounts of Continental Tire the Americas Commercial Vehicle Tires. No sign ups, no membership cards, and no waiting period once you become a national account customer.

Regulated, Predictable Pricing with Simple, Convenient Billing

Drivers shouldn’t have to worry about carrying cash on the road. Nor should fleet managers have to worry about paying too much for emergency repairs, especially when downtime is so costly. You’ll receive fast, expert services and tire products whenever you need them, with guaranteed, published pricing. TRUKFIX offers processing through our National Account billing system with invoices sent to your designated billing location.

TrukFix Service

Better Service

  • Either reach a dealer or ask for full emergency service help
  • We stay in contact until the truck is back in service
  • Servicing dealers are verified regularly and quickly located
  • Coordinated and documented support for drivers
  • Follow-up calls the next day to ensure you’re satisfied
  • One number to call: 877-TRUKFIX
  • Trained dispatchers
  • 24/7 availability
  • North American network with thousands of dealers
  • Mobile access through our smartphone app
  • No cash or credit cards to carry
  • Free service for Continental Tire the Americas, LLC National Accounts
  • No membership fees
  • Pay only when you need it
  • Regulated, published tire and service pricing program
  • Convenient billing through national account invoicing system
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OOIDA Members

Now, OOIDA Members can enjoy nationwide emergency road services, featuring quality Continental and General tire products.

  • One number to call: 877-TRUKFIX (877-878-5349)
  • 24/7 Availability
  • NO membership fees
  • Pay only when you need it
  • Regulated, published tire and service pricing program
  • Convenient purchasing using major credit cards
  • We stay in contact until the truck is back in service
  • Follow up calls the next day to ensure satisfaction
How it Works
  • Call the TRUKFIX hotline (877-878-5349) to locate or dispatch a service provider. When you call, please identify yourself as an OOIDA member.
  • Our TrukFix agent will verify with OOIDA your membership. Please have a major credit card available for pre-authorization.
  • Once you are pre-authorized the agent will manage your current issue from beginning to end. Your credit card will be charged and all other billing is handled between TrukFix and the servicing dealer or truckstop.
  • Make sure you have customer copies of all receipts and work orders before continuing your trip. 

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