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Fleet Testimonial – Roll Off Systems

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A Tough and Sexy Tire

Mike Corkran, fleet maintenance manager for Roll Off Systems, a waste transportation company in Statham, Ga., needed a tough tire to withstand his company’s demanding application. Servicing urban trash routes with front-loaders, and construction sites and inert landfills with roll-offs, he couldn’t compromise on tire and casing durability. “On our roll-offs, we’ve pulled spark plugs out of tires, bolts, rebar... All kinds of things,” he acknowledged.

Since taking the fleet maintenance manager position in 2014, Mike has always purchased new Continental tires for the steer position. “All we buy is Continental,” says Corkan. “We’ve been using the Conti HAU 3 WT for four or five years on our steer tires. It’s great for our vocation, as far as waste and hauling trailers and everything we do.”

Recently, Mike took advantage of a newly available ContiTread™ retread offering to move his fleet to purchasing only Continental tires for both new and retread applications. “Until recently, we were retreading with a competitor because we wanted the 32/32nd deep lug,” Mike explained. “Within the last few months, [since the Conti HDU 3 WT retread became available in 32/32nd], we’ve moved to all Continental for the retread as well. I’ve got 30 tires back there with the new tread on them already. The new retread, that’s a pretty sexy looking tire!”

Mike prefers Continental's waste transport tires because they are durable, he can retread them multiple times, and they are easy to repair. “The quality of the tire is excellent, both new and for retreadability. We don’t have sidewalls blown out, we don’t have tire failures. We typically get two retreads on a casing,” he pointed out. “What impresses me the most is the service we get out of them, their durability, and that they’re easy to repair. We patch everything, we don’t plug, so our tires have got to be easy to buff and put a patch on.”

Mike outfits his fleet with new Conti HAU 3 WT tires on the steer position. Then, he retreads them with ContiTread™ HDU 3 WT retread for the drive position. “The HDU 3 WT retread is better for off-road, the drivers can get into some soupier stuff and still get out,” he said. “It’s more of an aggressive tire.” On the third retread, they get a ContiTread™ trailer pattern.

When asked what sets Continental tires apart from the competition, Mike responded, “The support that Continental gives, by far. When my sales person says he’s going to do something, he does it.” Fleet owner Allen Garrett agreed. “We gave Continental a shot, and it just evolved from that point. Any time we had a question, our sales rep was there, willing to come out and help us figure out a solution. And we’ve had really good luck with the Continental casings.”

Mike is also impressed with how durable the waste transport lineup is. “It’s just a tough tire! It gets the job done. It gets the trash off the ground and into the landfill,” he noted. “Once, a tire came in with 32 nails in it, but as a Continental it was still holding air; I’ll never forget that.”

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