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General Grabber OA & HT+ Testimonial

Davis Motor Crane

General Tire Testimonial — Crane & Tractor Services

Davis Motor Crane Truck

Davis Motor Crane, a family-owned and operated crane company has been in business since 1962 and has nine crane divisions throughout the state of Texas. A long-time valued customer of Continental, Davis Motor Crane relies on General Tire's Grabber OA and HT+ tires for their toughness and durability.

The General Grabber OA and HT+ Gets the Job Done

Darion Atkinson, Tire Department Manager of Davis Motor Crane, needs tough, durable tires for his fleet. He manages a fleet consisting of 400 tractors, 600 trailers, and 100 cranes. “We offer crane sizes up to 600 tons, and we need tires that can carry heavy loads. The General Grabber OA and General HT+ get the job done,” says Darion.

The General Tire Grabber OA has 23/32” tread depth and cut and chip-resistant tread compound for optimal mileage. The tire is designed to reduce damage from curbing, cuts, and abrasions in on and off-road applications. Darion states, “Our trailers and trucks are on the road 60% of the time and off-road 40% of the time. When the fleet is at a job site, our operators are working in tight spots and prepping tough ground. The Grabber OA works well in these rocky conditions.”

The new General HT+ 255/70R22.5 has a new tread compound with a 24% improvement in cut/chip/chunk resistance and an 11% mileage improvement versus the General HT+. The General HT+ 255/70R22.5 was designed specifically for high scrub applications such as multi-axle and spread axle trailers. Darion says, “We use the 255/70R22.5 General HT+. It’s a heavyweight tire with a maximum load-carrying capacity of 5510lb/120psi per tire. Our drivers say it creates a smooth ride and can handle tight turns on tough grounds without falling apart. Previously, another brand tires would only last 3-4 months and the General HT+ lasts a lot longer than that.”

Our Truck Sales Manager, Malcolm Chalmers says, “Davis Motor Crane has been a long-time, valued customer of Continental, and they have been open to trying new tires. They told me their Chinese-manufactured tires were only lasting 6-7 months. The Grabber OA costs a little more, but tires are lasting up to 3-4 years. Davis Motor Crane sees the value in our tires and more importantly values the partnership to help them improve their bottom line.” 

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