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315/80R22.5 Conti Coach HA3 Recall

Continental Tire the Americas, LLC has decided to voluntarily initiate a safety-related recall of the following commercial vehicle tires:

Article Number


Load Range


            DOT Codes / TIN


   Conti Coach HA3



        A372 KWUU 3517 through 1618*


*To verify the full list of affected DOT codes, please see Appendix A.

Tires from four production weeks were identified with issues, but in an abundance of caution, Continental is recalling all potentially affected tires from the start of production. The tires were identified as having a potential issue which could cause loss of internal pressure through the sidewall resulting in slow or rapid deflation. Since the safety of our customers is paramount at Continental, we have decided to voluntarily issue a safety recall for these tires. No personal injuries or accidents have been reported.

The last four digits of the DOT serial numbers indicate the production period (week/year). The DOT Codes listed in the table above are covered by this exchange program. No other tire sizes, production periods or product lines are affected.

Safety Warning: We strongly encourage owners of potentially affected tires to remove the tires from service immediately. Replacement tires and the cost for dismounting, mounting, and balancing will be covered by the exchange program at no cost to the customer.

Locating the DOT Code: The DOT code or Tire Identification Number (TIN) is printed on the tire sidewall on one side of the tire. For example:

dot code

Required Actions

If you are the owner of an affected tire:

  1. All affected tires must be removed from service immediately.
  2. Arrangements for immediate tire replacement should be made with the most logical Continental dealer.


Dealer Process to Replace Affected Tires: 

  1. Recommended tires for replacement are: 315/80R22.5 HSR2 SA or Conti Coach HA3 with non-affected DOT codes. Alternatively, replacements could be an equivalent 315/80R22.5 all-position coach tire in Load Range L. Appropriate replacement tires should be selected based on fleet segment and application.

    315/80R22.5 HSR2 SA – The Article# will not be 05120980000. Instead, we will use the Article# for the intelligent tire (with active sensor). This Article# is to be determined.

    b. 315/80R22.5 Conti Coach HA3 – The Article# will not be 05110750000. Instead, we will use the Article# for the intelligent tire (with active sensor). This Article# is to be determined.

  2. Servicing dealer replaces tires. If a dealer does not have a replacement tire in stock, replacements can be expedited to them. Dealer can call the Continental Warranty Center at+1 (618) 242-7398 for guidance or credit processing prior to work if required. The customer should not be charged for products or services related to this action.

  3. Dealer follows the normal warranty process, sending warranty forms and service invoices by fax to +1 (618) 242-7491 or via email Warranty process instructions are available from the Continental Warranty Center or your Continental sales representative.

  4. Dealer ships affected tires to the Continental Warranty Center through OD:


12086 E. Illinois HWY 148

Mt. Vernon, IL 62864

5. Completed warranty claim submissions will trigger full replacement credit for the tires + FET to the dealer. Dealer will also receive a credit for delivery commission, labor to mount / dismount, and balancing.

Customer Assistance: 

For assistance, customers should contact their local Continental sales representative or our Customer Service team:

  • USA (Warranty Center): 1 (800) 726-7113
  • Canada (English): 1 (800) 461-9681
  • Canada (French): 1 (800) 361-2844
  • Mexico: 01 800 821 2000


Article Number


Load Range


   DOT Codes / TIN


Conti Coach HA3





A372 KWUU 3517

A372 KWUU 3617

A372 KWUU 3717

A372 KWUU 3817

A372 KWUU 3917

A372 KWUU 4017

A372 KWUU 4117

A372 KWUU 4217

A372 KWUU 4317

A372 KWUU 4417

A372 KWUU 4517

A372 KWUU 4617

A372 KWUU 4717

A372 KWUU 4817

A372 KWUU 4917

A372 KWUU 5017

A372 KWUU 5117

A372 KWUU 5217

A372 KWUU 5317

A372 KWUU 0118

A372 KWUU 0218

A372 KWUU 0318

A372 KWUU 0418

A372 KWUU 0518

A372 KWUU 0618

A372 KWUU 0718

A372 KWUU 0818

A372 KWUU 0918

A372 KWUU 1018

A372 KWUU 1118

A372 KWUU 1218

A372 KWUU 1318

A372 KWUU 1418

A372 KWUU 1518

A372 KWUU 1618