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Continental tires for Construction and On/Off Road use are designed for vocational applications such as utility trucks, concrete mixers, and dump trucks, etc., where they spend some time on the pavement but are also likely to encounter curbs, stones, debris, and tight turns. Our tires are optimized for durability and traction, as well as self-cleaning tread designs and cut-and-tear resistance.

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Our Generation 3 Construction Line is engineered specifically to meet the needs of the construction environment: improved mileage, even wear, minimal stone retention & drilling prevention, maximum retreadability, improved durability and improved safety. With new tires, retreads, digital solutions & services, Continental delivers the Lowest Overall Driving Cost.

Construction Tire Benefits

Conti HSC 3

 HSC3 Compound

Replaces the HSC1 with mileage and durability improvement with more than 50% reduction in overall cuts (including cuts to the belt) than the HSC1.

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Conti HAC 3

Conti HAC 3 Tire Benefits

This Construction All-Position tire replaces the HTC1 with mileage and durability improvement.

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Conti HDC 3

Conti HDC 3 Benefits

This Construction Drive tire replaces the HDC1 with a wider footprint and a longer-lasting open shoulder design to deliver improved lateral traction throughout tire life.

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All Generation 3 Construction Tires Come Equipped with TPMS Sensors

Digital tire monitoring is a logical choice for many fleets in the construction industry. Constant exposure to hazards and punctures, coupled with working under heavy loads, makes it essential for fleets to monitor tire pressure in order to get the maximum life from a tire and casing. Continental’s digital solutions help prevent tire damage; improve retreadability by protecting the casing; and reduce breakdowns.

Intelligent Tire Benefits

Being in the construction industry, that load has to get there on time, or we can hold the whole job site up. If we blew a tire, the whole job site could be shut down, waiting on us.

– D.W. Cary - Rick Lorenz, Fleet Manager

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Continental’s intelligent construction tires and retreads deliver aggressive traction, mileage, and enhanced retreadability.

Construction Tire Testimonial Videos

See DW Cary's view on our tires in this video! (ENGLISH) (SPANISH)