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HSR2 Eco Plus





Heavy Steer Regional:


  • Advanced tread compounding provides this Eco Plus version with 20% less rolling resistance than the original HSR2.
  • 23/32” deep rolling resistant tread compound for long tread life on highway and regional road combined applications.
  • Large radial grooves for improved resistance to groove cracking.
  • Sidewall with curb rib reduces damage from curbing, cuts and abrasions.
  • Patented innovative groove technology leads to minimum stone retention, extending casing life.

Applications: On highway and regional hauling, all-position.

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Product Range

Load Range H
Article Number 5120850000
Tread Depth 23
Max Speed 75
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 18.7
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 475
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 40
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 1016
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 11.1
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 282
Loaded Section Width (IN) 12.6
Loaded Section Width (MM) 320
Approved Rims 8.25,7.50
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 12.5
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 318
Revs Per Mile (IN) 518
Revs Per Mile (MM) 322
Tire Weight (LB) 115
Tire Weight (KG) 52
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 7160/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 3250/830
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 6610/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 3000/830

ECE Certified. # - Exceeding the lawful speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.