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HTR2 17.5

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Heavy Trailer Regional


  • Robust tread compound engineered to protect against cutting and chipping.
  • Innovative groove geometry designed to prevent stone retention and drilling.
  • Wide tread and shoulder ribs for improved wear and increased scuff resistance. 


Trailer and pusher positions.

HTR1-17.5 Image

Product Range

Load Range H
Article Number 04920140000
Tread Depth 16
Max Speed 68
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 14,1
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 359
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 30,2
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 767
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 8,3
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 211
Loaded Section Width (IN) 8,6
Loaded Section Width (MM) 220
Approved Rims 6.00,6.75
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 9,4
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 239
Revs Per Mile (IN) 688
Revs Per Mile (MM) 427
Tire Weight (LB) 60
Tire Weight (KG) 27
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 4805/125
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 2180/860
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 4540/125
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2060/860
Load Range H
Article Number 04920110000
Tread Depth 16
Max Speed 68
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 14,7
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 373
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 31,4
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 797
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 9,2
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 233
Loaded Section Width (IN) 9,5
Loaded Section Width (MM) 242
Approved Rims 6.75,7.50
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 10,3
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 262
Revs Per Mile (IN) 662
Revs Per Mile (MM) 412
Tire Weight (LB) 72
Tire Weight (KG) 33
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 6005/125
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 2725/860
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 5675/125
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2575/860

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