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Conti Coach HA3

Coach HA3





Coach All-Position:


  • Outstanding wet traction and handling through customized tread design.
  • Optimized pressure distribution across the footprint provides outstanding mileage and uniform wear.
  • Enhanced ride comfort through quiet running tread.
  • Durable casing for premium retreadability and enhanced mileage.
  • Premium, all-position or steer tire optimized for long distance travel.


Long haul, over the highway steering and all-position use, for motorcoaches and large RVs


Coach HA3

Product Range

Load Range H
Article Number 5140400000
Tread Depth 15
Max Speed 75
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 17
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 431
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 36,4
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 923
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 10,2
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 258
Loaded Section Width (IN) 10,9
Loaded Section Width (MM) 277
Approved Rims 7.50,8.25
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 11,3
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 287
Revs Per Mile (IN) 569
Revs Per Mile (MM) 354
Tire Weight (LB) 91
Tire Weight (KG) 41
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 5510/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 2500/800
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 5070/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2300/830
Load Range J
Article Number 5140390000
Tread Depth 15
Max Speed 75
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 17,6
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 448
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 37,6
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 955
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 10,8
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 275
Loaded Section Width (IN) 11,7
Loaded Section Width (MM) 298
Approved Rims 8.25,7.50
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 12,4
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 315
Revs Per Mile (IN) 550
Revs Per Mile (MM) 342
Tire Weight (LB) 112
Tire Weight (KG) 51
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 6940/130
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 3150/900
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 6395/130
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2900/900
Load Range L
Article Number 5110750000
Tread Depth 17
Max Speed 75
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 19,7
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 501
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 42,4
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 1077
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 12,4
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 315
Loaded Section Width (IN) 13,6
Loaded Section Width (MM) 345
Approved Rims 9.00,8.25
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 13,8
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 351
Revs Per Mile (IN) 488
Revs Per Mile (MM) 303
Tire Weight (LB) 141
Tire Weight (KG) 64
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 9090/130
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 4125/900
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 8270/130
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 3750/900