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HSR2 SA_22.5




Heavy Steer Regional:


  • Maximum tire life expectancy and wet traction capabilities through customized tread geometry.
  • Even tread wear under all load conditions due to optimized contour and balanced pressure distribution.
  • Superb wet traction capabilities with minimum wear through innovative tread compound.
  • Ideal for buses and larger recreational vehicles.

Applications: Steer or all-position regional/long haul,for bus or large RV traffic

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HSR2 SA_22.5

Product Range

Load Range H
Article Number 5122460000
Tread Depth 18
Max Speed 75
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 17.1
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 434
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 36.6
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 930
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 10
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 255
Loaded Section Width (IN) 10.8
Loaded Section Width (MM) 274
Approved Rims 8.25, 7.50
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 11.3
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 287
Revs Per Mile (IN) 565
Revs Per Mile (MM) 351
Tire Weight (LB) 91
Tire Weight (KG) 41
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 5510/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 2500/830
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 5070/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2300/830
Load Range J
Article Number 5121290000
Tread Depth 18
Max Speed 75
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 17.8
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 451
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 37.9
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 962
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 10.7
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 272
Loaded Section Width (IN) 11.6
Loaded Section Width (MM) 295
Approved Rims 8.25
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 12.4
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 315
Revs Per Mile (IN) 547
Revs Per Mile (MM) 340
Tire Weight (LB) 115
Tire Weight (KG) 52
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 6940/130
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 3150/900
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 6395/130
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 2900/900
Load Range H
Article Number 5121120000
Tread Depth 20
Max Speed 75
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 18.8
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 478
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 40.2
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 1021
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 11
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 279
Loaded Section Width (IN) 12
Loaded Section Width (MM) 305
Approved Rims 8.25, 7.50
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 12.5
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 318
Revs Per Mile (IN) 515
Revs Per Mile (MM) 320
Tire Weight (LB) 123
Tire Weight (KG) 56
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 7160/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 3250/830
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 6610/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 3000/830
Load Range H
Article Number 5123900000
Tread Depth 20
Max Speed 81
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 19.3
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 490
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 41.4
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 1052
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 11.8
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 300
Loaded Section Width (IN) 13.2
Loaded Section Width (MM) 335
Approved Rims 9.00, 8.25
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 12.5
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 318
Revs Per Mile (IN) 500
Revs Per Mile (MM) 311
Tire Weight (LB) 138
Tire Weight (KG) 63
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 7830/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 3550/830
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 6940/120
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 3150/830
Load Range L
Article Number 5120980000
Tread Depth 19
Max Speed 75
Static Loaded Radius (IN) 19.8
Static Loaded Radius (MM) 503
Overall Inflated Diameter (IN) 42.5
Overall Inflated Diameter (MM) 1080
Overall Inflated Width (IN) 12.5
Overall Inflated Width (MM) 317
Loaded Section Width (IN) 12.5
Loaded Section Width (MM) 317
Approved Rims 9.00, 8.25
Minimum Dual Spacing (IN) 13.8
Minimum Dual Spacing (MM) 351
Revs Per Mile (IN) 487
Revs Per Mile (MM) 303
Tire Weight (LB) 143
Tire Weight (KG) 65
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (LB) 9090/130
Max Loaded Inflation-Single (KG) 4125/900
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (LB) 8270/130
Max Loaded Inflation-Dual (KG) 3750/900

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