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New Generation Product Naming

Continental Tire is more than a name. Continental develops pioneering technologies and solutions to make your fleet safer, more efficient, and more connected. Next generation products deserve next generation product names. Learn the naming system for Continental tires for truck, bus, and RV.

New Generation Tires Main Image

How To Read New Generation Products

1) Global Prefix
Continental Global Prefix for products

Moving forward, every new tire will begin with Conti (or ContiTread for retread), regardless of segment, region, or application. This universal prefix will help unify our diverse product line.

2) Technical Area
New Generation Product Technical Area

This area provides essential information to help ensure the right tire goes on the right vehicle.

  • 1st Character = Vehicle Classification (Heavy / Light)
  • 2nd Character = Axle Configuration (Steer,All-Position, Drive, Trailer)
  • 3rd Character = Tire Application (Long Haul,   Regional, Urban, Construction   (On/Off Road), Off-Road, Winter)
3) Generation Number
Generation Number Image

The Generation Number is located after the Technical Area. The number represents the generation/series in which the tire was released. Continental commercial tire generation numbers are represented by numbers such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.

4) Optional Descriptor
Optimal Descriptor Image

Although it may be left blank, this space covers additional information about a tire’s specialized characteristics to help
our customers find the optimal tire.

EP Eco Plus  |  DL Deep Lug  |  WT Waste Transport  |  & more…

PLEASE NOTE: If Optional Descriptor characters are included, they are part of the tire name and essential to its identification. For example, Conti HSL 3 and Conti HSL 3 EP could both exist. Although the product names are similar, they would be two entirely different tires with different tread patterns, article numbers and benefits.

New Generation Product Naming Examples

New Gen - tire example 1

Learn more about the Conti HSL 3, our fuel efficient, super regional steer tire.

New Gen - tire example 2

Learn more about the Conti HSR 3

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