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How to Read a Tire Sidewall

Continental Tires for Commercial Vehicles

Tire Side wall

Continental develops pioneering technologies to make your fleet safer, more efficient, and more connected, and it all starts with a name. Tire naming is more than letters and numbers. All information on a tire sidewall has meaning. From size, type, and performance, learn how to read a Continental Tire in this step by step guide.

Learn to read a tire sidewall with 12 simple steps.

Numbered Sidewall
1. Product Name
Continental Product Name

This area identifies the product name (Ex. Conti HSR 3). Please note that Generation 3 products and newer will have the "Conti" prefix in the name.

2. Load Ratings & Construction Information
Load rating
2 load ratings

This marking indicates the load range. The load range corresponds to the ply rating of the tire. 

Load ratings determine a commercial vehicle's carrying capacity and are based on varying factors including load range.

Load Range Designation-Ply Rating Equivalency Table

Kilograms x 2.205 = Lbs.
mm x .03937 = Inches
kPa x .145 = psi

Load Range

Ply Rating














3. Area for Branding
3 area building
3 area for branding

This marking identifies the area for branding your inventory number.

4. Regroovable & Retreadable
4 regroovable (1)
4 regroovable

This marking indicates that the tire has sufficient rubber thickness under grooves to permit regrooving.

Learn more about ContiTread™, Continental Tire's premium product for cold retreading of truck tires and bus tires.

5. Tire Size
5 Tire Size (1)
5 Tire Size

This marking indicates the tire size.

6. Application Information
6 Application Info

This marking indicates the applications or use of the tire.

Application is how we name our tires. Our truck and bus tires are apart of the following categories: Long Haul, Regional, Urban, Construction, and Off-Road.

Learn more about our New Generation Product Naming.

7. Safety Warning

This area communicates the risks associated with improper mounting and inflation procedures.

7 Safety (1)
8. Country of Manufacture
8 Country (1)
8 Country

This marking indicates the country where the tire was manufactured.

9. Manufacturer
9 Manufacturer (1)
9 Manufacturer

This area displays the tire brand under which the product was manufactured. This tire is manufactured by Continental Tire.

10. Intelligent Mark
10 Intelligent (1)
10 Intelligent

This marking indicates that the tire is equipped with TPMS Sensor. Please note that Generation 3 products and older may display the predecessor "Active Sensor" marking.

Learn more about the benefits of Continental’s Intelligent Tires, pre-equipped with TPMS sensor.

11. Service Descriptions
11 Load (1)
11 Load

Continental Tire the Americas, LLC provides a service description onto the sidewall of all premium products.
This service description is located close to the tire size designation on the sidewall of the tire.

The service description includes the Load Index and Speed Symbol.

Load-Speed Index

Describes the weights within the load carrying capacity of the tire. The first number (ex. 144) designates the single load capacity within the load range. The second number (ex. 141) designates the dual load capacity described within the load range. The final character (ex. L) depicts the maximum speed at which the tire is engineered to run.

12. D.O.T. Number
12 DOT (1)
12 DOT

This marking indicates the D.O.T. serial number including the production date.

Learn how to read a DOT code here.

Reading Tire Information