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ContiTread™ Premium Retreads

“Looks Like New, Runs Like New!”

ContiTread™ is Continental Tire's premium product for cold retreading of truck tires and bus tires.

Many ContiTread™ products use rubber compounds and tread patterns that match our new tires, while others offer proven reliability and performance. With this approach, Continental is able to offer a retread that “looks like new, runs like new!”

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-Alex Conlan, Owner. Conlan Tire, a ContiLifeCycle Partner. Read more

Reduce Your Tire Costs

ContiTread™ pre-cured treads are produced exclusively with Continental mixtures and profiles. As part of the ContiLifeCycle approach, our customers are able to cap their worn out tires with a new tread, prolonging the life of their tires and thereby reducing total tire costs.

Casing Management

Using the high-tech and high quality Continental 3G Casing for retreading provides the best results. However, ContiTread™ can also be applied to other makes of casing or casings from other manufacturers.

One of the benefits of ContiTread™ to our retread partners is that each tread pattern is available in multiple widths. This allows for precise application of the tread to casings from various sources.

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