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Ready your fleet for the future.

With Digital Solutions by Continental.

Taking care of tire pressure

without taking care of tire pressure

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With a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), your fleet can improve tire runout, save fuel, save labor, reduce tire maintenance costs, reduce roadside breakdowns, and improve safety. Wondering which solution is right for you? Check out the TPMS Solutions Guide.

Longer casing life
Longer tread life
Increase in fuel efficiency

Learn more about the benefits of tire monitoring.



We handle the set-up. 
You reap the benefits.

Continental engineers or carefully trained service partners will help set up your fleet with Continental’s digital solutions – everything from installing TPMS sensors inside your tires to customizing the ContiConnect platform on your computer. 

Curious if these solutions will work for your fleet? Hear from real customers who are using digital tire monitoring to improve their operations, increase uptime, and decrease costs. Click here

Products & Solutions

Continental’s Intelligent Tire

Tire with tpms sensor

Continental's intelligent tire comes with a pre-mounted tire sensor, which constantly monitors pressure and temperature.

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Retreading with Intelligent Tires

Retread-Intelligent Tire

Learn how to handle Intelligent Tire retreads and policy details.

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Benefits of Tire Monitoring

Digital Tire

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) from Continental deliver operational benefits to your fleet, such as reducing downtime and saving money.

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TPMS Solutions Finder

Fuel Station 6

Wondering which of Continental’s digital tire monitoring solutions is right for you? This guide will help you select the best TPMS for your fleet.

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ContiConnect® Yard Reader

CVT-Digital Solutions Construction

Digital tire monitoring with web portal. Ideal for vehicles who return to the fleet yard daily or multiple times per week.

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ContiPressureCheck® TPMS

CPC Integrated truck

ContiPressureCheck® is Continental’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for individual vehicles, allowing the driver to see real-time tire pressure and temperature data.

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ContiConnect® Testimonials

Kenny Youngman

View real life experiences with ContiConnect® from our customers.

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Continental Construction Tire Testimonial

Conti HSC 3 Hero

Construction fleet D.W. Cary Hauling was looking for a tough tire to withstand demolition sites. After testing the Conti HSC 3, they’ve found the right tire.

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