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ContiConnect™ Tire Monitoring Platform for Fleet Yards

Digital Tire

Digital Tire Monitoring for Your Entire Fleet

ContiConnect is Continental's digital tire monitoring platform for commercial fleets, allowing you to see tire pressure and temperature data for every vehicle in your fleet in a single web portal. By digitalizing your tire monitoring activities with ContiConnect, you can ensure increased uptime and lower maintenance costs as well as maximize fuel savings.

  • Monitor tire pressure and temperature for your entire fleet based on data transmitted from sensors in the tires, collected by a station in the fleet yard
  • Receive a text message or email alert if low tire pressure or high temperature are recorded, including recommendations to resolve the issue
  • Act proactively instead of fixing problems reactively
  • Save time by eliminating manual tire pressure checks
  • View reports and analytics to track your tire performance over time
  • Ensure maximum uptime and reduce tire-related breakdowns
ContiConnect Overview

The tire sensor is mounted onto the inner liner of the tire in order to collect data. Unlike wheel- or valve-mounted sensors, this placement ensures accuracy of the temperature and pressure data without influence from external factors. It also protects the sensor from theft and damage, especially in the case of curbing or sidewall abrasions, which can dislodge or damage a valve-mounted sensor.

The same sensors can be used with our ContiPressureCheck™ TPMS for drivers.


Tire Sensors

Continental tire sensors form the basis of all our digital tire monitoring solutions for trucks and buses. One sensor is used in each tire.

The sensors, rather than being valve-mounted or attached to the rim, are glued to the inner liner of the tire. This position eliminates damage during tire mount and dismount, as well as damage from curbing, weather conditions, and theft. It also ensures the most accurate data: values are measured in real-time rather than calculated via an algorithm.

Trailer tires can be ordered directly from Continental as intelligent tires, with sensors already installed, or the sensors can be retrofitted into existing tires.


The hand-held tool is only needed for the initial set-up of ContiConnect. It is used to assign each tire sensor to the respective wheel position of the vehicle. It connects wirelessly to the tire sensors.


The ContiConnect™ web portal displays all your tire data. The browser-based application is mobile-friendly and can be accessed via a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. View reports, check analytics, and track your tire performance over time, conveniently housed in a single portal.


Set up customizable notifications so anyone in your fleet can receive a text message or e-mail when any tire deviates from desired parameters. See immediately which tire position on which truck needs attention.

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