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Digital Tire Monitoring

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ContiConnect® Live

Digital Tire Monitoring. Anytime. Anywhere.

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ContiConnect Live is a cloud based, real time fleet monitoring solution that allows fleet managers to monitor tires anytime, anywhere, on any internet connected device, even while vehicles are out on the road.

ContiConnect Live is a cloud based, real time fleet monitoring solution that allows fleet managers to monitor tires anytime, anywhere, on any internet connected device, even while vehicles are out on the road.

Key Features

Real Time Fleet Monitoring Solution.

Conticonnect Live System

  • Ideal for real-time monitoring of multiple vehicles in any location
  • Actionable data even when vehicles are out on the road
  • Instantaneous alerts at fleet, dispatch, and driver level
  • Seamless monitoring of drop-and-hook as well as married tractor-trailers

Learn more about the benefits of tire monitoring.

Address Tire Issues in Real-Time

Properly inflated tires can reduce total tire-related costs by $600 to $800 annually per vehicle.


Actual results may vary. According to the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) S.2 Tire & Wheel Study Group, improper tire inflation, defined as little as 10 psi low, reduces fuel economy by about one percent, increases total tire-related costs by approximately $600 to $800 annually per tractor-trailer combination, and changes the tire contact patch which affects stopping and acceleration traction and vehicle handling thereby impacting vehicle safety.

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Short Description 

Digital Tire Monitoring with Mobile App & Web Portal


All connected vehicles, real-time (regardless of their location)

Data Access

Data is transmitted via GSM cellular network whenever vehicles are connected through the ContiConnect Driver App for Android.

AlertsReceive web portal, text message and email alerts with customizable settings.


Bluetooth Dongle • Central Control Unit (CCU) • Receiver • Harnesses • Tire Sensors • Hand Held Tool

ContiConnect® System Components

System Comps
ContiConnect Live Tire Sensor

Tire Sensor

One per running wheel.

Central Control Unit (CCU)

Central Control Unit (CCU)

Mounted on the vehicle, the CCU processes data from the sensors to generate pressure and temperature alerts.


Bluetooth Dongle

Mounted in the cab, the dongle receives data from the CCU and transmits it via Bluetooth to the mobile device in the driver‘s cabin.

conticonnect driver app

ContiConnect Driver App

Available on Android smartphones and tablets,

Web portal and mobile alerts

Web Portal & Mobile Alerts

Web Portal to access data, alerts, statistics and reports. The portal provides tire information for every vehicle, anytime, anywhere. Mobile SMS and email alerts can also be sent to an unlimited number of recipients, with customizable settings, allowing you to react to tire issues in real-time.


Learn more about Continental's Intelligent Tire.

Powered by Continental's Intelligent Tire

  • Accurate, real-time tire pressure and temperature to prevent tire damage and breakdowns.

  • Sensor warrantied for 5 years to minimize disruptions to your tire program. Actual results may vary. See Warranty Policy for details.

  • Sensor provides true casing temperature, allowing preventive actions that make your tire last longer.

  • Avoids valve damage and air leaks by mounting on the inner liner of the tire.
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