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ContiPressureCheck® TPMS

On-Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

CPC Integrated truck

Tire Monitoring to Reduce Costs

Take control of your tire data while you’re on the road. ContiPressureCheck will inform you of the real-time status of your tire pressure and temperature, allowing you to take immediate action to resolve issues. Stay safe and protect your tires with up-to-the-minute information.

  • Informs the driver in real-time via a convenient in-cab display
  • Supports multiple trailer configurations (married and drop-and-hook) as well as buses
  • Audio and visual alerts to the driver in case of issues
  • Ideal for long-haul and over-the-road vehicles that don’t return to the yard frequently
  • Powered by Continental’s intelligent tire

If your vehicles return to the yard more frequently and you want to monitor multiple vehicles simultaneously, check out the Solutions Finder to identify the best solution for your fleet.

CPC-3D-Container und Sensor

The ContiPressureCheck® in-cab display is mounted in the cab of the truck or bus. It delivers real-time tire temperature and pressure data to the driver in a user-friendly birds-eye view. With married trailers or buses, all wheel positions are displayed. In a drop-and-hook trailer scenario, the display will utilize Automatic Trailer Learning to display information about the trailer tires. Learn more about ATL.

The display also activates audio and visual alerts if low pressure or high temperature are detected. Default threshold settings are 10% underinflation for a low pressure warning and 20% underinflation for a very low pressure warning. However, these thresholds can be customized based on your specific needs.

Having tire data at your fingertips allows drivers to take immediate corrective actions when an issue is identified. This improves safety, protects the tire casing, and extends the life of the tire.

Wiring the display into the cab is a simple procedure which can typically be completed in just a few hours. Continental engineers or our carefully trained service partners perform the installation, along with mounting the CCU and additional antenna to the vehicle’s frame.

Tire Sensors

Tire Sensors

The tire sensor is mounted onto the inner liner of the tire in order to collect data. Unlike wheel- or valve-mounted sensors, this placement ensures accuracy of the temperature and pressure data without influence from external factors. It also protects the sensor from theft and damage, especially in the case of curbing or sidewall abrasions, which can dislodge or damage a valve-mounted sensor.

The battery-powered sensor is warrantied for 5 years*, minimizing disruptions to your tire program. It can also be reused after retreading the casing.

The same TPMS sensors form the backbone of all Continental’s Digital Tire Monitoring solutions, including our ContiConnect Yard Reader for fleet terminals, ContiPressureCheck Integrated with telematics, and ContiPressureCheck Solo Trailer TPMS. This allows systems to be used interchangeably to meet the needs of your fleet.

Sensors can be installed in your existing Continental tires by a certified dealer, or you can order intelligent tires, which arrive pre-equipped with sensors from the factory. 

*See Warranty Policy for details

Central Control Unit (CCU)

Central Control Unit (CCU)

The Central Control Unit (CCU) is mounted to the truck, near the center of the vehicle. It reads all the tire sensors within its radius, relying on the additional antenna to extend its reach. The CCU delivers the tire pressure and temperature data to the in-cab display.

The CCU is also used to transmit information to a telematics device in ContiPressureCheck Integrated.

antenna (1)

Additional Antenna 

The additional antenna helps deliver data from the rear trailer axle to the Central Control Unit (CCU). It extends the reach of the CCU to ensure that all tire sensors on the vehicle can be read.


Hand Held Tool

Continental’s Hand Held Tool is used to wirelessly program each tire sensor. It is used during the initial setup of ContiPressureCheck to assign each tire sensor to the respective wheel position of the vehicle. It is also used when tires are rotated, for example, to reassign the sensor to the new wheel position.  

The Hand Held Tool can also be used to read tire temperature and pressure data from each individual sensor if needed. 

Properly inflated tires can reduce total tire-related costs by $600 to $800 annually per vehicle.

Benefits of Tire Monitoring

Tire monitoring will help your fleet:

  • Improve tire runout 
  • Minimize irregular tire wear 
  • Save fuel 
  • Save labor & maintenance costs 
  • Reduce roadside breakdowns 
  • Improve safety

Learn more about the benefits of tire monitoring.

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ContiPressureCheck® Interactive Tool

See how the ContiPressureCheck TPMS works, including its components, how the data flows through the system, calculate your potential cost savings, and learn how the system is installed. View the Interactive Presentation here.

CPC Tool
ContiPressureCheck Customer Testimonial Image

Jimmy Savage Pictured

ContiPressureCheck Customer Testimonial 

“Shortly after we fitted the system, it detected a pressure loss in a tire. We were able to repair the puncture and saved the cost of a new tire, which meant that the system paid for itself in the first instance that it detected a problem.” 

Hear how Jimmy Savage is using ContiPressureCheck to deliver his Lowest Overall Driving Cost

See stories from other fleets using digital tire monitoring to improve their operations on our ContiPressureCheck Testimonials page.


Automatic Trailer Learning

Automatic Trailer Learning (ATL) makes it simple to exchange trailers without the need of additional system configuration. It is an ideal solution for drop-and-hook scenarios.

  • The tractor is equipped with the complete ContiPressureCheck system. Trailers are equipped with tire sensors only, no electronics needed.

  • The ContiPressureCheck system on the tractor recognizes the new trailer tires once the trailer is in motion, usually within 15 minutes.

  • The in-cab display shows the number of trailer tires recognized, and displays alerts across the bottom of the screen. Since the trailer tire positions are not programmed, it cannot display the full birds-eye view, but the driver is still alerted to issues with the trailer tires.

  • Automatic Trailer Learning can be used on an unlimited number of exchange trailers. They simply have to be equipped with Continental tire sensors.

  • No additional programming from the Hand Held Tool is needed. Simply connect the trailer to the tractor, drive away, and soon you will see real-time alerts for all tires on the vehicle.
ATL Image 1

Six trailer tires are detected through Automatic Trailer Learning. None of the tires have low pressure or high temperature. 

ATL Image 1

Six trailer tires are detected through Automatic Trailer Learning. Two of the tires have problems: one with low pressure (6.2 bar) and one with a sensor that needs to be checked for proper adhesion.


How Does it Work?

Learn more about how the ContiPressureCheck TPMS works.


The Garage: Pressure Check Image

The Garage: Track your Performance with Hartwig's Pressure Check

Learn more about ContiPressureCheck with this fun video. See what a fitness tracker has in common with our pressurecheck system for tires.

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Short Description 

On-Vehicle TPMS


Tire temperature and pressure of a single vehicle or tractor/trailer – up to 8 axles / 32 tires

Data Access

Real-time data to the driver via an in-cab display


Real-time audio and visual alerts to the driver


Tire sensors, CCU, wire harnesses, in-cab display, Hand Held Tool


Use the Solutions Finder to identify the correct solution for your fleet.

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