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ContiPressureCheck® Solo Trailer TPMS

Continental’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for trailers.

CPC Solo Truck

ContiPressureCheck Solo is Continental’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for trailers. It notifies the driver of tire pressure issues in real-time while keeping the trailer system completely separate from the tractor.

It is designed to meet greenhouse gas emissions standards, offering fleets a cost-effective solution to reduce tire issues and stay compliant with pending regulations:  

  • GHG Phase 2 for Trailers, also known as GHG 2 or GHG II, set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA)
  • CA Phase 2 GHG Trailer Rules set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

Both sets of regulations currently state that trailers will be required to install either a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) or an automatic tire inflation system (ATIS). Continental’s intuitive solution makes compliance as simple and affordable as possible for our fleet customers.

Regulations also state that trailers will be required to use low rolling resistance tires. Continental offers SmartWay verified tires and CARB compliant tires, including the Conti EcoPlus HT3, which has one of the lowest rolling resistance coefficients on the market.

“If the legislation stays as currently written, fleets will be able to meet all GHG 2 regulations with just two simple items from Continental: the ContiPressureCheck Solo trailer TPMS and our extremely low rolling resistance tires. You won’t need an aerodynamic kit or any additional products.”

- Paul Williams, head of Commercial Vehicle Tires the Americas 

GHG 2 Compliant Trailer TPMS

Take control of your trailer tires while you’re on the road. ContiPressureCheck Solo will inform you in real-time if issues are detected with your tire pressure, allowing you to take immediate action to resolve issues. Stay safe and compliant while protecting your trailer tires.

  • Cost-effective, low-maintenance design is not connected to trailer air hoses, so it won’t introduce air leaks
  • Meets pending regulations for greenhouse gas, including GHG 2 and CARB
  • Ideal for drop-and-hook scenarios and trailer leasing, since the stand-alone system does not require a connection to any specific tractor
  • Powered by Continental’s intelligent tire

If you want to monitor all of your trailers simultaneously, check out the Solutions Finder to identify the best solution for your fleet.

CPC Solo Notification Light

TPMS Notification Light

The Notification Light is mounted in an industry-standard position on the front of the trailer, visible in the driver’s side mirror. If low pressure is identified in any of the trailer’s tires, the light is activated, letting the driver know about the issue.

Multiple levels of low pressure alerts ensure notifications reflect the severity of the issue. Fleets can customize settings based on their own needs, or use the factory defaults: 

  • High Level Warning – Very Low Pressure or Rapid Air Loss. This warning is displayed when a tire is at least 20% under-inflated. The Notification Light turns on for two seconds, off for two seconds. This pattern repeats until the trailer tire issue is resolved.
  • Low Level Warning – Low Pressure. This warning is displayed when a tire is at least 10% under-inflated. The Notification Light stays on until the issue with the trailer tire is resolved.

Having tire data at your fingertips allows drivers to take immediate corrective actions when an issue is identified. This improves safety, protects the tire casing, and extends the life of the tire. 

Tire Sensors

Tire Sensors

The tire sensor is mounted onto the inner liner of the tire in order to collect data. Unlike wheel- or valve-mounted sensors, this placement ensures accuracy of the temperature and pressure data without influence from external factors. It also protects the sensor from theft and damage, especially in the case of curbing or sidewall abrasions, which can dislodge or damage a valve-mounted sensor.

The battery-powered sensor is warrantied for 5 years* , minimizing disruptions to your tire program. It can also be reused after retreading the casing.

The same TPMS sensors form the backbone of all Continental’s Digital Tire Monitoring solutions, including our ContiConnect Yard Reader for fleet terminals, ContiPressureCheck Integrated with telematics, and ContiPressureCheck on-vehicle TPMS. This allows systems to be used interchangeably to meet the needs of your fleet.

Sensors can be installed in your existing Continental tires by a certified dealer, or you can order intelligent tires, which arrive pre-equipped with sensors from the factory. 

*See Warranty Policy for details

Central Control Unit (CCU)

Central Control Unit (CCU)

The Central Control Unit (CCU) is mounted to the underside of the trailer. The “brain” of the system collects data wirelessly from the tire sensors on a continuous basis when the trailer is connected to a truck. The CCU analyzes the data and activates the Notification Light if an alert is needed, ensuring that trailers remain compliant with GHG Phase 2 regulations.

Trailers equipped with telematics systems can also transmit tire data into the telematics dashboard, if they are one of Continental’s telematics partners. This allows back office support personnel to view trailer TPMS information remotely. The CCU is used to transmit this information to the telematics device in a process known as ContiPressureCheck Integrated.


Hand Held Tool

Continental’s Hand Held Tool is used to wirelessly program each tire sensor. It is used during the initial setup of ContiPressureCheck Solo to activate each tire sensor.

The Hand Held Tool can also be used to read tire temperature and pressure data from each individual sensor. This can help the driver quickly identify which tire is triggering the notification light alert. 

Properly inflated tires can reduce total tire-related costs by $600 to $800 annually per vehicle.

Benefits of Tire Monitoring

Tire monitoring will help your fleet:

  • Improve tire runout 
  • Minimize irregular tire wear 
  • Save fuel 
  • Save labor & maintenance costs 
  • Reduce roadside breakdowns 
  • Improve safety

Learn more about the benefits of tire monitoring.

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One of the top five largest automotive suppliers and top five largest tire manufacturers in the world, Continental is uniquely equipped to provide optimal support and expertise on digital tire monitoring technology. 

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) can be used independently or in conjunction, depending on the needs of the fleet. For some fleets, using a TPMS brings particular benefits:

  • Compliant – ContiPressureCheck™ Solo meets pending greenhouse gas regulations (GHG 2), preparing your fleet for upcoming legislation.
  • Simple – From the installation process to driver utilization, the system is intuitive and simple to use. The Notification Light uses an industry-standard position. In the case of low pressure in a trailer tire, the light signals at an optimal rate to ensure driver visibility in real-time, without causing distraction.
  • Low Maintenance – Battery-powered sensors are protected inside the tires and are warrantied for 5 years*, keeping maintenance to a minimum.
  • No Air Leaks  Unlike automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS), Continental’s solution is not connected to trailer air hoses. Therefore, it does not introduce additional leak points into the air system or require intensive upkeep to prevent air leaks. This low-maintenance approach can save fleets time and money.
  • Stand-Alone – As a stand-alone trailer TPMS, it is ideal for drop-and-hook scenarios since there is no connection needed to a specific tractor.
  • Telematics Compatible – Data can be integrated into trailer telematics platforms, allowing back office support personnel to view trailer TPMS information remotely.

*See Warranty Policy for details

Interactive CPC Solo

ContiPressureCheck™ Solo: Trailer TPMS Interactive Presentation

See how ContiPressureCheck™ Solo works in this interactive presentation. View Here

Short Description 

GHG 2-Compliant TPMS for Trailers


Tire pressure of a single trailer – up to 6 axles / 24 tires 

Data Access

Hand Held Tool


Tire pressure of a single trailer – up to 6 axles / 24 tires


Tire sensors, CCU, wire harnesses, notification light, Hand Held Tool


ContiPressureCheck® Interactive Tool

See how the ContiPressureCheck TPMS works, including its components, how the data flows through the system, calculate your potential cost savings, and learn how the system is installed. View the Interactive Presentation here.


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Interactive CPC Solo

ContiPressureCheck™ Solo: Trailer TPMS Interactive Presentation

See how ContiPressureCheck™ Solo works in this interactive presentation. View Here