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ContiPressureCheck™ Solo Trailer TPMS

Continental's trailer tire pressure monitoring system

Continental's stand-alone tire pressure monitoring system for trailers is designed to reduce trailer tire costs and is compliant with pending greenhouse gas (GHG 2) regulations, keeping your fleet ahead of legislation.

CPC Solo Truck

Fulfill GHG 2 Trailer Regulations

ContiPressureCheck™ Solo is designed to meet greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency standards from multiple regulatory bodies, which are currently pending implementation:

  • GHG Phase 2 for Trailers, also known as GHG 2 or GHG II, set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA)
  • CA Phase 2 GHG Trailer Rules set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

Both sets of regulations currently state that trailers will be required to install either a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) or an automatic tire inflation system (ATIS). Continental’s intuitive solution makes compliance as simple and affordable as possible for our fleet customers.

Regulations also state that trailers will be required to use low rolling resistance tires. Continental offers a variety of low rolling resistance trailer tires which are SmartWay™ verified and CARB compliant.

Trailer Tire Monitoring – The Alternative to Automatic Tire Inflation Systems (ATIS)

One of the largest automotive suppliers and tire manufacturers in the world, Continental is uniquely equipped to provide optimal support for digital tire monitoring technology, including Trailer TPMS.

  • Compliant – ContiPressureCheck™ Solo meets pending greenhouse gas regulations (GHG 2), preparing your fleet for upcoming legislation.
  • Simple – From the installation process to driver utilization, the system is intuitive and simple to use. The Notification Light uses an industry-standard position. In the case of low pressure in a trailer tire, the light signals at an optimal rate to ensure driver visibility in real-time, without causing distraction.
  • Low Maintenance Battery-powered sensors are protected inside the tires and last 6 years or 400,000 miles, keeping maintenance to a minimum.
  • Unlike automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS), Continental’s solution is not connected to trailer air hoses. Therefore, it does not introduce additional leak points into the air system or require intensive upkeep to prevent air leaks. This low-maintenance approach can save fleets time and money.
  • Stand-Alone – As a stand-alone trailer TPMS, it is ideal for drop-and-hook scenarios since there is no connection needed to a specific tractor.
  • Telematics Compatible – Data can be integrated into trailer telematics platforms, allowing back office support personnel to view trailer TPMS information remotely.


With ContiPressureCheck™ Solo, drivers can see the status of their trailer tire pressure in real-time using our affordable and GHG 2 compatible solution. With just three main components, it is intuitive and simple to use.

CPC Solo Notification Light

TPMS Notification Light

The Notification Light is mounted in an industry-standard position on the front of the trailer, visible in the driver’s side mirror. If low pressure is identified in any of the trailer’s tires, the light is activated, letting the driver know about the issue.

Multiple levels of low pressure alerts ensure notifications reflect the severity of the issue:

  • High Level Warning – Very Low Pressure or Rapid Air Loss. This warning is displayed when a tire is at least 20% under-inflated. The Notification Light turns on for two seconds, off for two seconds. This pattern repeats until the trailer tire issue is resolved.
  • Low Level Warning – Low Pressure. This warning is displayed when a tire is at least 10% under-inflated. The Notification Light stays on until the issue with the trailer tire is resolved.
Tire Sensors

Tire Sensors

Continental tire sensors form the basis of all our digital tire monitoring solutions for trucks and buses. One sensor is used in each tire.

The sensors, rather than being valve-mounted or attached to the rim, are glued to the inner liner of the tire. This position eliminates damage during tire mount and dismount, as well as damage from curbing, weather conditions, and theft. It also ensures the most accurate data: values are measured in real-time rather than calculated via an algorithm.

Trailer tires can be ordered directly from Continental as intelligent tires, with sensors already installed, or the sensors can be retrofitted into existing tires.

Central Control Unit (CCU)

Central Control Unit (CCU)

The “brain” of the system collects data wirelessly from the tire sensors on a continuous basis when the trailer is connected to a truck. The CCU analyzes the data and activates the Notification Light if an alert is needed, ensuring that trailers remain compliant with GHG Phase 2 regulations.

System Overview

See how the ContiPressureCheck™ Solo: Trailer TPMS works in this interactive presentation. Click here to view

ContiPressureCheck™ Solo Trailer TPMS Video Image

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